D R Ø M 3

School Project. The third of three design concepts for the fictive Norwegian Jazz band ‘DRØM’, which means ‘dream’ in English. The brief was to design a cd cover, tour poster and t-shirt art promoting their new album ‘Dimensions of Winter’. I have used the extremely talented band Tord Gustavsen Quartet as my muses for this project. You can listen to their music here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bCTlABhj0qA

D  R  Ø  M
DRØM's lyrical, instrumental jazz moves in a slow musical landscape with a great emotional impact. At times the music's expression pushes into a more abstract terrain but always mantains a beautiful and harmonic balancing of the notes.
I have used the talented Norwegian Jazz band Tord Gustavsen Ensemble as inspiration for these designs.
Thanks for looking!
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